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A.J. TRADING started its activity in 2008. Its service consists of supplying spare-parts and accessories for industrial laundry machines QUICKLY and at COMPETITIVE PRICES. Today, A.J. TRADING provides its numerous clients with all types of spare-parts for laundry machines such as a complete range of inflating rubber tubes, manual finishers for trousers and jackets, customized trolleys, foils and glitter for textile finishing.

Thanks to the COLLABORATION with other companies from the sector, A.J. TRADING can meet the requests for small sample washing machines and driers, second-hand and reconditioned washing machines, foil presses and much more.


GRAZIANO ZANAZZO was born in 1966 into a peasant family living in Breganze, a small town in the north of Italy. At the age of fourteen he began to work as a farmer in the family business, from which he captured the great COLLABORATIVE SPIRIT and WORKING ETHICS. At the age of twenty, his first approach to the world of textile processing takes place, working in the laboratory for the creation of Bidese fabrics. Then he starts working for Tiba, an industrial piece dyehouse, in which he assumes a GOOD TECHNICAL SKILL and KNOWLEDGE OF MACHINERY. Later he takes his place within the manufacturer of industrial washing machines Maino Inox, then Maino International and Avantec in which he initially deals with the construction of machinery and afterwards manages the assembly and shipping department. This experience was characterized in his upcoming role as business manager as he learned a high ORGANIZATIONAL CAPACITY. From 2005 until the opening of A.J. Trading in 2008, he worked for the Safer carpentry as production manager, a place where he acquired an interest in the field of medium-light carpentry manufacturing and which played a decisive role in his choice to start a business.

Thanks to the experience gained in the sector, Graziano Zanazzo, together with his staff, is able to better manage all the requests made by the customer with considerable SAVINGS of money and time as well as an excellent and FAST service in the responses and shipments of the ordered materials.


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CALL US 0424 411074 OR 346 3509051, WHATSAPP AT 366 8970850 OR EMAIL US AT INFO@AJTRADING.IT